April 15, 2021 | 4 minutes

3 Fears Crushing Your Success Journey

By Nathan Strum

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There’s one thing that separates successful people from stagnant people: commitment.  Having fear is probably the most dominant reason as to why most people don’t succeed. For this reason, one of the most important qualities an entrepreneur needs is mental toughness. You can’t ride your way to success on your emotions. When you’re an entrepreneur, your vision and dream has to be so much bigger than anything else that when fear comes your way, you remind yourself that you are committed to your company’s success; therefore, you are unstoppable.  Naturally, entrepreneurs have fears, but their desire to succeed overrides everything else. Remember, action conquers fear. Inaction feeds fear.  Below are three grave fears that stop or delay an entrepreneur’s success journey.

Fear of what others think

Many people rely too heavily on the opinions and input of others, so when they do something out of the norm, they are afraid of the roar it might cause. Again, you can’t ride your way to success on emotions. You can’t be attached to the ideas and opinions of others especially if they don’t have any sort of credibility.  If you think about it, why take business advice from a broke friend? It sounds harsh, but people do this all the time. They let people who don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset steal their dreams or influence their decision making. They might not believe in you know, but trust me, they will believe in your results.

Fear that you’re not on the right path

Everyone gets tempted with doubts. Wondering whether you made the right decision can be an overbearing doubt to have. For the most part, aspiring entrepreneurs have the comfort of their full-time jobs and struggle with switching to something that is not as secure. Truth is, being an entrepreneur is all about risks, and starting your own business is a definite choice you have to make. Go all in. Talk to people in the field, read books, but know that starting a business is like having a child. The only way to learn how to do new things, is to do new things.  You are never going to be “ready.” Don’t let settling for mediocrity stop you from pursuing your dreams.  You may have a fear of getting started, but imagine what if you took no action at all? Imagine if other entrepreneurs would have conformed to the security of their job. We wouldn’t know huge companies, brands and innovators like we do today. Some days are going to be tougher than others, but when you’re building something that is going to benefit the lives of others, you’re on the right path.

The Fear of Failing

The fear that sums all fears: the fear of failing. Probably the most common fear that halts people’s success is the fear of failing. I cannot stress enough how detrimental self doubt is. Combat it with your self-talk.  If you think about it, out of everyone you talk to, you talk to yourself the most throughout the day. Practice affirmations. Practice speaking things into existence. You may not think you’re on the right path. Those closest to you may not believe in you. You may be having trouble finding funding. Or maybe your self- doubt is crushing you and making you question whether or not you’ll even attract customers.  What if something goes wrong? The fair of failing stops many, but entrepreneurs turn failures into lessons.  They hit a block in the road, but find a way over and around the block. Entrepreneurs don’t stop at setbacks, they move forward with resilience to breakthrough with a strong comeback.

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