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3 Critical Uses for the Colorado Springs Virtual Office

Colorado Springs virtual officesSo, you’ve paid for the Colorado Springs virtual office. It was much cheaper than your other workspace options, and an ideal location for business. Plus, it provided all the infrastructure you were eventually going to need, such as printing, a phone line, and Internet access. Now, you’re not sure what you can do with it, since virtual offices aren’t the same as those other workspace options. It’s not like you can stick 20 employees in one, and it’s not quite the same as your home office or a coffee shop. But, if you need a few ideas to make the investment worthwhile, then here are three uses for your Colorado Springs virtual office that can have a major impact on your business:

Professional Meeting Place

Having a professional place to meet may not seem like a big deal. Especially if you are an independent contractor, a freelancer, or a sole proprietor, you might even think that potential customers would cut you some slack or might understand that you don’t have (or need) a fancy office. However, a lack of a professional meeting place cost Mike Farag, founder of virtual creative agency Fervor, his first big deal.

“They expressed concern with where we met,” Farag said in Missouri Business. “I knew I had an issue with showing how quality our organization was without having a place to call home.”

Even if you are only going to use it once in a while, it’s better to have it and have it not be a deciding factor, than to risk it and have it ruin your chances for landing the deal.

Mail Receiving and Forwarding

Colorado Springs virtual officeEven if you intend to work out of a home office primarily, you really don’t want to be giving away your home address on your invoices or business cards. People can tell a home address from a business address (which is never the best), and besides, that’s not a piece of personal information that you want just anyone being able to find or to have. A virtual office can be used simply for the business address; just for the mail receiving and forwarding. Most virtual offices will forward your mail to your home address at no extra cost, and they’ll be the only ones to know your home address. Or, if you don’t want it forwarded, you can make it a point to drop by every now and then and pick up your mail. If anything, it could be used as an excuse to work somewhere else for a change.

In Case Your Business Grows, You Have Somewhere to Go

If your business does take off, or if it gets to a point where you need to hire someone, then it’s nice to have somewhere besides a home office or a coffee shop to go. The virtual office can be an option when you are interviewing potential candidates, or if you want someplace where everyone can go while giving everyone the option to telecommute or to work from home. By the time your business is growing and others are involved, it’s no longer about you and you’re own preferences. You also need something that belongs to the business, and a virtual office can be something that belongs to the business and that everyone involved can use. It can be tough to keep everything together when everyone is spread out across the country. A virtual office, although not the same as a traditional workspace, can be something that brings everyone in the company together.

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