As we get older, we learn that we must be wiser with our money and plan accordingly for our situations to facilitate achieving our retirement and legacy goals. Though this might come easy for some, others need a little more direction in this matter.

This is where Bolden and Associates come in. Anthony Bolden is a financial planner who focuses on preserving asses and maximizing your earnings. He helps with IRS, market risk, 401K, tax-saving strategies, retirement planning, and so much more.

Virtual Services

Anthony came to Allied Offices looking for the flexibility and freedom of not being tied down to an office that he would be spending very  little time at. With Allied Offices Virtual Office, he was able to receive access to conference rooms whenever he needed them to meet with his clients, a mailbox and mailing address for his personal use as well as access to it 24/7, and live receptionists that would answer his calls as well as greet his clients directly. Not only was Anthony able to obtain everything he was looking for and then some, he also was able to do this at a fraction of the cost of a fixed office and without the hassle of the lease.

Friendly Live Receptionists

Allied Offices has some of the best and brightest receptionists that money can buy. Anthony and his clients are able to interact with and be greeted by the lovely, friendly receptionist here in the office. Being able to seat the clients that come in as well as call Anthony to let him know that his clients are here for his meeting makes his clients’ experience with him better and Anthony‚Äôs satisfaction with Allied Offices greater!