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Open Access to the US Market with Tucson Virtual Offices



by Allison

tucson virtual officesSince virtual offices can be found all over the world, its possible for not only US companies to expand overseas on a budget, but also for international companies to find the same savings when coming to the US market. If you’re considering establishing a presence in the United States, then consider doing so in Tucson, the second-largest city in Arizona. Here how a Tucson virtual office can open your international company to the US market:

You Save on More than the Office Space

One of the nice things about expanding to a smaller city like Tucson is that you can save on the living expenses and other costs as well. It’s expensive to set up in a large city like Los Angeles or New York, where everything costs more simply because there are more people in those cities, driving up demand and decreasing the supply that’s available. It may be more hip for an international company to establish their first US office in one of those cities, but if you’re looking to increase profits as much as possible, you can do that by choosing a Tucson virtual office instead.

It’s Better than a PO Box

For e-commerce businesses, or other companies that might not need a full office, a PO box may seem like an affordable way to brand out into the United States. However, under US law, if you are using a PO box as an address, it must be clearly stated as such on mail, records etc.. Therefore, it’s not the best choice for corporate entities who want to maintain their professionalism. If the point of your expansion is to establish a strong presence for your current American customers, or to build more business in the US, then a PO box isn’t going to work as well as you hoped. A virtual office is at least an alternative that’s just as affordable.

tucson virtual officeIt’s Easier to Staff with a Virtual Office

What makes Tucson virtual offices, and other US virtual offices, such a great option for international businesses is that many of them come with virtual receptionist services with the virtual office solution. Depending on what country you’re headquartered in, it might not be as easy as just sending a few people within your country or within the company to the US to work in the new office. You’ll need to find American talent instead, or in addition. Virtual offices with virtual receptionist services make this possible without going through the hoops of learning US labor law and taking the time to hire someone. With virtual receptionist services, it is like having an American on-staff already that’s part of your company and doesn’t need to be trained in how your company does things.

It’s There on an As-Needed Basis

The great thing about virtual offices is that you don’t have to pay a hefty monthly rent or pay for space that you’re only going to use six months out of the year. If you’d like the presence in the United States, but you know you aren’t going to be here all the time, or you want something a bit more permanent than restaurants and hotel business centers, then Tucson virtual offices are the answer. You only pay for what you need and when you need it. You aren’t going to be saddled with utility bills, infrastructure costs, or extra space that you aren’t going to use. If you’re only going to need the space for a few months, or for only several weeks at a time several times during the year, then you can work with the provider to secure such an arrangement.

Overall, virtual offices are a great way to expand overseas, but it can also work the other way around with Tucson virtual offices. Those that are based overseas can come to the United States just as easily and inexpensively. Companies can even get started today with no commitment at all. If it doesn’t work out, or you would rather set up in a different city, you can do that as well.

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