Allied Offices Accreditation Program

TDL Centers – East Boca

Allied Offices reviewed TDL Centers – East Boca Raton on their excellence in executive suite standards. Our reviewers looked at several factors and evaluated the East Boca location according to each section.

Review Process

Interview Staff

Employees, including receptionists and managers are reviewed by Allied Offices to ensure client support is upheld to the highest of standards.

Verify Information

All information during the evaluation process is verified prior to publishing.

Availability of Staff

Upon interviewing the office center in East Boca we discovered the staff, including management is always available for client assistance. While providing live phone support during the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday, a remote service through voicemail continues into the off hours. The management team gives 24/7 support through email communications outside the business hours.

Conference Room Reservations

Perfection was found in East Boca’s conference room scheduling due to the fact they do not offer an online portal to book reservations. We learned during our review that the staff wants to not only interact with their clients but they want to get the job done right. This is purely accomplished by asking the clients what they need to ensure they get the right room as there are so many variables – something you cannot get from a scheduling platform on the internet.

Look, Feel and Ambiance

Like all TDL Center’s – East Boca gives an atmosphere boasting a “non-sterile”, professionally cleaned and warm environment catering to those who appreciate nice, sanitized offices. No attention to detail is spared in this location.

Unique Offerings

The Boca Raton location offers their clients a free initial use of a court reporting agency typically used by those in the law field. Both offerings very unique!

Customer Feedback

Upon completion of reviewing East Boca center we learned that ALL the clients we examined felt their overall experience was “excellent, a delight, and personable”. Specific raves on management personnel and style were given as well as the overall building amenities and services. Here’s to you East Boca – a well deserved rating of 5 stars.