Allied Offices Accreditation Program

Pamco Executive Suites - Spencer

Allied Offices reviewed the Pamco Executive Suites – Spencer for the highest of executive suite standards. Our reviewers looked at several factors and graded the Appleton location on W Spencer Street according to each factor.

Review Process

Interview Staff

Our reviewers interview the staff of the executive suite. This includes the receptionist and any other staff available to us.

Speak to Clients

We speak to a few of the customers of the executive suite to gain insights from a customer’s point of view.

Verify Information

All information that we obtain is verified and fact checked before being published.

Availability of Staff

The suite is open Monday through Friday 8-5 and there is a working manager available 24/7. While off hours if management is needed they are reachable by phone and/or voice mail and are very responsive to clients.

Receptionist & Phone Answering Times

The receptionist is available 8-5 Monday through Friday to assist clients at the front desk and for phone support. When the staff is unavailable during off hours calls are routed to the client’s office where they can be reached live or via voice mail.

Average Lobby Wait Time

Immediate attention is given to clients upon entering the building. If any overflow should occur the manager is always in close proximity to lend a hand.

Conference Room Scheduling

Fast and convenient when scheduling a room at the Spencer location; Clients can view the appointment book at the front desk and pencil themselves in. Not at the office? Just give the receptionist a call!

Look, Feel & Ambiance

A very well-groomed space with grand pillars inside and out, Pamco Executive Suites – Spencer has a colonial feel for all to appreciate.

Customer Feedback

Upon interviewing current clients of the Spencer location we learned with the help of the staff and services received, clients feel that it “fits what is needed for business” and overall tenants are “very happy” there. Some tenants have been residents for 15 years which “proves it”. Pamco Executive Suites – Spencer absolutely earns their 5 stars!