Allied Offices Accreditation Program

Foothills Business Park

Allied Offices reviewed the Foothills Business Park in Casper, WY for standards of excellence in executive suites. Our analysts looked at several criteria and scored the center at Foothills Business Park according to each factor.

Review Process

Interview Staff

Our interviewers spoke with the staff of the executive suite. This includes the receptionist and manager of the facility.

Verify Information

Any information obtained during the review process is checked for accuracy prior to publishing.

Availability of Staff

Within the hours of 8-5 Monday through Friday (with the exception of the much needed lunch hour), the staff at Foothills Business Park is easily attainable. During our review we were able to reach specific personnel when needed and the overall experience with both the managerial staff and especially the receptionist was an excellent one.

Average Lobby Wait Time

During our interview process, we learned the average lobby wait time is ZERO. All clients are immediately greeted by the friendly receptionist and are assisted accordingly.

Receptionist/Phone Answering Time

Typically, the receptionist is available for live phone answering Monday through Friday 8-12, 1-5. Outside these hours calls go to voice mail and messages are then transcribed from voice mail to email – an excellent, up-to-date feature ensuring responsiveness even when someone is not at the office, especially if there’s an emergency.

Look, Feel and Ambiance

A warm and inviting space, Foothills Business Park is sure to please and appease. With its attractive and charming environment, this executive suite is home away from home.

Unique Offerings

Talk about originality: These executive suites are the ONLY offices offered in Casper where bookkeeping and accounting services are available to their tenants. Kudos to Foothills Business Park along with a fantastic 5-star rating!