Allied Offices Accreditation Program

Executive Office Suites – West Mason

Allied Offices reviewed the Green Bay Executive Office Suites West Mason location for the highest of executive suite standards. Our reviewers looked at several factors and graded the West Mason center according to each factor.

Review Process

Interview Staff

Our reviewers interview the staff of the executive suite. This includes the manager and any other staff available to us.

Speak to Clients

We speak to a few of the customers of the executive suite to gain insights from a customer’s point of view.

Verify Information

All information that we obtain is verified and fact checked before being published.

Availability of Staff

The offices of West Mason is open Monday through Friday 8 – 5. Upon the property review we found the receptionist to be extremely attentive, professional and personable. When contacting management we found their availability equally matched the receptionist.

Receptionist & Phone Answering Times

The receptionist staff is available 8-5 Monday through Friday to support clients and callers. During the interview we discovered their off hours – referred to as “night ring” callers are assisted through an automated system to reach clients.

Average Lobby Wait Time

The average lobby wait time for staff and management is little to none! The receptionist staff provides immediate attention and response time from management equally matches this.

Conference Room Scheduling

Clients can easily schedule a time for one of the facility’s conference rooms directly with the receptionist. A quick call is all that is needed to secure a spot. After business hours clients can also shoot over an email and when the office reopens the receptionist will book the room and respond without further ado.

Look, Feel & Ambiance

From the lobby and throughout, West Mason is beautiful and very professional. The suite has an architecturally stunning interior with French doors and elegant plant life within. A space designed for any business professional.

Customer Feedback

After speaking with several happy clients we learned that many have been tenants for 10+ years. Each client delivered rave reviews about both the staff and the facility itself. A “great overall experience” as management and support staff are “wonderful”; the facility is “very nice” and “a good place to work”. For their dedication and service – West Mason receives a 5-star rating.