Allied Offices Accreditation Program

Downtown Casper Business Center

Allied Offices assessed Downtown Casper Business Center for quality of excellence. Our examiners looked at several principles and scored the Downtown Casper Business Center according to each factor.

Review Process

Interview Staff

Our reviewers spoke with the receptionist staff as well as the manager of the Casper executive suites.

Verify Information

All information acquired during the review process is confirmed for accuracy prior to publishing.

Phone Answering Times & Availability of Staff

Upon our review, we found the staff to be impeccable. The receptionist specifically was attentive and helpful. The center in Downtown Casper provides phone coverage Monday through Friday 8-5 with the exclusion of 12-1. During afterhours calls are routed to the voice mail system where voice mails are emailed for quick, easy viewing and listening of the message – a sure way for the staff to be reached when not in the facility.

Conference Room Booking

The process in scheduling conference rooms and day offices is completely effortless. A quick call to the receptionist makes the procedure “really simple” – as long as availability permits, accommodations will be fulfilled.

Look, Feel and Ambiance

During our review of Downtown Casper, we discovered the overall look and feel to be charming and pleasantly rustic. An excellent ambiance for any country-chic professional.

Unique Offerings

The executive offices at Downtown Casper also offer their clients additional services to assist them with financial management. As experts in this field and the only executive suites to offer this to their clients this location receives 5-stars all the way.