Allied Offices Accreditation Program

Bravo Business Center

Allied Offices reviewed the Bravo Business Center in Chandler for the highest of executive suite standards. Our reviewers looked at several factors and graded the Bravo Business Center according to each factor.

Review Process

Interview Staff

Our reviewers interview the staff of the executive suite. This includes the manager and any other staff available to us.

Speak to Clients

We speak to a few of the customers of the executive suite to gain insights from a customer’s point of view.

Verify Information

All information during the evaluation process is verified prior to publishing.

Availability of Staff

An overall impressive staff, the Bravo Business Center exudes professionalism like no other. The office and receptionists are available Monday through Friday 9-5. During our review we discovered the manager (and owner) of the center is available 24/7 and even provides personal contact information to their tenants.

Average Lobby Wait Times

During the interview process, we learned that the average wait time in the center’s lobby is little to no wait at all. Customer service is clearly a top priority at Bravo Business Center.

Ease of Conference Room Booking

In as little words to describe the process in scheduling a conference room or day office: “So easy!” A few simple ways in booking rooms: Clients can call to speak with the receptionist, log in to the portal and book on the calendar, or they can walk into the facility and schedule directly with the front desk.

Look, Feel and Overall Ambiance

Upon our review, we found the overall environment of the Bravo Business Center to be fabulous. An ultra-clean, modern yet inviting atmosphere that caters to all clients.

Unique Offerings

The Bravo Business Center is a small family-owned business and it comes through as their signature style. With care, this “family” feel gives an intimate approach on how they respond to their clients’ needs. In a great location, Bravo Business Center is situated in the heart of Ocotillo, a beautiful and well known community in S Chandler.

Customer Feedback

An all-inclusive review of long-term, happy clients, tenants of the Bravo Business Center absolutely “love it there”. The property is “kept up nice, very professional, quiet and relaxing”. The overall impression of the staff mirrors the property as they too are “professional and very nice” to work with. A five-star rating AND two thumbs up to Bravo Business Center.