Allied Offices Accreditation Program

Bluewater Center

Allied Offices reviewed Bluewater Center in Shelburne, VT for the highest of executive suite standards. Our reviewers looked at several factors and graded Bluewater according to each factor.

Review Process

Interview Staff

Our reviewers interview the staff of the executive suite. This includes the receptionist and any other staff available to us.

Speak to Clients

We speak to a few of the customers of the executive suite to gain insights from a customer’s point of view.

Verify Information

All information that we obtain is verified and fact checked before being published.

Availability of Staff

Bluewater Center is open Monday through Friday 6:30a-7:30p and the building manager is available 8a-4p. Outside these hours management is on call and reachable by both phone and email.

Average Lobby Wait Time

Management staff is situated right in the front and responds without delay. There is no lobby wait time.

Conference Room Scheduling

To schedule a conference room, day office or board room clients can call in, email or walk up to the front desk. Reserving a room is very simple.

Look, Feel & Ambiance

Bluewater is warm, inviting and friendly. With signed Hollywood artwork throughout the building, these executive suites are very professional with a cinema nostalgia twist.

Customer Feedback

Clients of Bluewater are very happy especially with management as she “works very, very hard”, “immediately takes care of issues” and is “amazing”. The property also received positive remarks as it is “well taken care of”. Bluewater Center earns their 5 stars!